The Aussie Kindies Way

The Aussie Kindies Way

The Aussie Kindies Way

Why Aussie Kindies?

Here at Aussie Kindies Woy Woy, we have developed an emergent curriculum. This is based off the children's unique ideas, voices, interests and those "magic moments". In turn, this allows us to deliver high quality educational outcomes in an exciting and fun environments.

Our values are expressed in the everyday things we do


Our community is the very heart of our centres. We embrace children and families from all backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. We are a social bunch and pride ourselves on the close relationships we build with families and the happy buzz created around our centres.


We genuinely care about our children, our families and our environment. We teach children the values of caring for each other, caring for themselves, caring for animals and caring for the natural environment that we live in.


We believe the best learning environment is one of joy, creativity and energy. Our educators work hard to make sure learning is fun! Our mission is for every child to go home with a big smile on their face.


We love to explore! We encourage children’s curiosity of the world around them, to discover new things and try new skills. Your little explorers will always enjoy a day of both learning and adventure.

Affinity Education Group

Our centre is part of an Australia-wide network of early learning centres owned and operated by Affinity Education Group. There are more than 150 early learning centres across Australia.

Affinity Education Group’s primary focus is to provide children in our care with the highest standard early education programs, through the provision of localised education programs that align with the relevant curriculum requirements in each state.

Regardless of the centre or brand, every Affinity child is cared for equally and given the same opportunities to shine. Affinity educators are leaders in the early childhood education field, and partner with parents of children in our care to create positive outcomes for each child.

Affinity has a clear vision to see each of the shining stars within our care grow up to be inspiring, capable, confident individuals who tread a continuous path of learning. We all strive to achieve this by bringing out the magic of kids in everything we do. That’s the Affinity Way.

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